Acorn Emotional Wellbeing

Coronavirus Update

We remain open for business! Offering sessions online, by phone and instant messaging.

Who are we?

Acorn is an independent counselling service who have been asked to provide counselling support to the members, players, referees and coaches of Durham and Lancashire County RFU's and the Northumberland Referee Society.

Sarah Bisp and Jools Gray provide one to one counselling sessions across the County. They are experienced Counsellors who offer a confidential and discreet service, following the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy ethical code of practice.

Emotional Wellbeing

A lot of people don’t feel comfortable talking or perhaps even thinking about mental – or emotional health, but it can be just as important as physical health.
Having good emotional health is essential for people to make the most of their life; to cope with the stresses and challenges that are thrown at us and to play a full part in all of life’s activities.
The importance of emotional well -being is getting more and more media attention these days and in recent months this has also been highlighted by several high profile individuals bringing their own struggles out into the public forum to raise awareness.

What is Counselling?

We work using a Person-Centred approach. Person-Centred therapy is based on the work developed by Dr Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987). He was one of the founding fathers of the psychological schools of thought at the time and is still relevant today.
What it means in practice is that when you meet with your counsellor, they offer you a psychologically safe space to talk about whatever it is that is on your mind; in confidence and free from any judgement and criticism. The counsellor offers an understanding and reflection based on empathy (putting ourselves in your shoes), congruence (honesty) and unconditional positive regard (accepting you whatever)  – to help you to work through your difficulties in a time that is comfortable for you, reaching your own conclusions with the support of the counsellor who can share their experience of your difficulties from as close to your viewpoint as another person can get.

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